About Us

Annapolis native, Kendall Rae, founded Java N Jane after a harrowing ordeal with severe seizures while pregnant with her youngest son. With no relief in sight and after trying endless medication concoctions, the seizures increased after she gave birth. Desperate for relief she decided to turn to CBD for help. The results were amazing! Not only were the instances of epileptic episodes minimized but her level of focus, calmness, and ability to sleep maximized. Immediately she knew it was time to bring one of the key elements of her recovery straight to the heart of Annapolis and Java N’ Jane was born. At Java N’ Jane, it isn’t just about CBD, but rather the complete embodiment of CBD’s positive affect on the body and its various uses. We are a specialty retail shop focused on the holistic approach to life. Moms, had a long day? Put the kiddies to bed and grab a CBD bath bomb to soak away the stress. Dads, need a pick me up at work or that extra boost of focus? Grab a bottle of CBD oil to add to your favorite drink. Tired of the dog barking? Give them a CBD bone. And right before you check out to get back to the hectic reality of life, enjoy a fresh cup of coffee that will invoke the serenity we sometimes miss during the day. Java N Jane is the place where you can literally get the best of both worlds!